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At affinity, we are positioned to meet the evolving needs of medicinal chemists for exploring structural diversity and novel IP spaces. We focus on building blocks that are Structurally Intriguing, Metabolically Stable, and Convenient to Diversity.


Our chemists are willing to take the synthetic challenges to make unique and hard to find building blocks. We are proud to be the first to make several classes of compounds commercially available for research community. New building blocks are synthesized in our Delaware lab and added to our catalog every month.


We are capable of scaling up most of the building blocks we have. About 5% of our building blocks have been scaled up to multi-kilos or larger quantities. Click here for examples of building blocks we scaled up recently.


If there are building blocks that you are interested, but nowhere to find, please send us an email to info@affinitychem.com, with the structures. We will keep all your compound information confidential.


Pleas click here for detailed building block product list.